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Look Like You With Fewer Lines


The Skin Lab

Experienced and diverse with a deep understanding in the skin care industry, we excel at helping clients better understand and care for their skin. We are 100% focused on skin care and deliver the highest quality, customized esthetic treatments that are safe and effective. In addition to advanced facial treatments, we are highly skilled at waxing and specialize in full body waxing with our luxurious Italian hard wax. Another experience you will have with us is learning about our Lira Clinical Professional skin care line. We will take your skin to the next level. It is formulated with high quality plant stem cells which makes it an important part of all our advanced treatments after care program. Q: What advanced skin care treatments do you offer? A: Our newest is HIFU. High intense focused ultrasound (sometimes called the “lunchtime facial”) will produce small, microthermal lesions at precise depths in the dermis up to the fibromuscular layer, causing thermally induced contraction of collagen tissue. Q: Who is a good candidate? A: This is for all skin types for face and body treatments. Great for maintenance and advanced aging cases. Q: Will I notice immediate and permanent results? A: You may notice some initial effect of tightening and firming, but ultimately lifting and firming will take place over approximately 3 months, as collagen is renewed and replaced with stronger collagen. Regardless of the service you choose, to continue to maintain good skin-quality, it is required to engage in a continuing skin care regimen. Results should last 12-24 months. Q: Does the treatment hurt? A: Most individuals do not report pain. There can be a slight “zing” over bony areas or a warm sensation in the skin during treatment. No numbing is required.

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