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Today I want to talk about detox and peel off your skin to get fresh and ready for 2021 with these amazing exfoliators:

Award-Winning MYSTIQ iLuminating Polisher polishes away unwanted dirt and debris while retaining skin's natural hydration levels. This is an amazing prep we should not go without.

MYSTIQ iLumunating Polisher's mastiha resin melts into the skin, brightening and minimizing pore appearance. Its unique formulation offers sensitive skin an exfoliation opportunity, reducing redness while maintaining your skin's barrier activity. Rejuvenating colloidal gold and healing silver combat inflammation while stimulating healthy cell turnover, refining aging skin. MYSTIQ iLuminating Polisher works best when it rests on the skin for 5-10 minuets before removal. Combine with the ICE REFINING MASQUE for the ultimate in desincrustation solution meaning melting the sebum in our pores that cause blackheads.

Another at-home treatment Lira Clinical's exclusive peel, peptide, and probiotic product, PRO Anti - Aging Pads. Correct aging, acne , and pigmented skin with the unique poly-hydroxy acid blend. Enhanced topical probiotics and healing peptide delivery system balance the epidermal microbiome while strengthening the skin's immune response. Condition skin on-the go preventing premature aging and unwanted breakouts. Try on the hands and up the arms for a rejuvenating start to bright, beautiful skin from head to-toe.

Now lets talk about ICE CLARIFYING SCRUB rids skin of stubborn acne lesions while reducing redness and inflammation with brightening benefits of MASQ-tech and healing peptide delivery system. Balancing topical probiotics strengthens skin's immune response preventing future breakouts. This anti antibacterial scrub has 5% benzoyl peroxide and healing plant stem cells. Use 2-3 times weekly as an exfoliator or daily as a cleanser at home.

Now we have the proven duo of lactic and salicylic acids. Benefitting aging, pigment, and acne skin types, this is your go to cleanser with its pearlescent formulation. Use on dry or wet skin. Weather you are struggling with adolescent acne, or sun-damaged pigmented skin, this versatile cleanser can be shared by all.

I LOVE all these amazing products and you will too!

Book a signature facial and enjoy an experience and see the difference in your skin!

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